Solutions are made by the right mix of:

  • Advanced Software: we use both Autodesk MoldFlow and Moldex3D Professional. Using both provides the widest analysis and validation report available anywhere.
  • EXPERT Certified analysis – Only certification on the EXPERT level can utilize these software packages to their full potential.
  • Experience and expertise beyond certification. Our analysis have seen a wide enough body of solutions to offer you grounded yet innovative ideas to improve your designs for maximum value to your customers.

Here’s why you need a mold fill analysis report and what’s included:

To validate the fill/pack, warp and cool of your mold design created in Solid Works, alternate program or additional alternate design software.

Your analysis report contains details through a simulation that offers insights to your designs that can be used to make them more efficient or reveal potential problems while it's still affordable to correct them. A full analysis report can also be used as a sales tool to demonstrate to your customers that designs are validated to the test results by an independent third party prior to incurring manufacture costs.

Utilizing both MoldFlow and Moldex3D

By adding a secondary analysis to the MoldFlow results we can compare the Moldex3D report to the MoldFlow report to both extend the depth of detail as well as validate the MoldFlow analysis results. With both tools the results are clear.

We are the only Expert Certified MoldFlow provider in North America who can also offer you the additional validation of a Moldex3D report on the same design.

We also offer our analysis reports at a significant cost saving in comparison to many of our largest competitors. If you can find a better value please let us know as we want to aggressively be the marketing leader for MoldFlow analysis.

If you have a design file you would like quoted for MoldFlow or MoldFlow + Moldex3D please follow this link to upload your file and provide us with some details.

Or if you prefer simply give us a call right now.

All Analysis Levels are MOLDFLOW Expert Certified


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