2-Shot Analysis

Our Expert Certified analysts  can evaluate all aspects of the part design and molding process, from material selection, gate size/location to cooling related issues and warpage concerns.

Overmolding Analysis Capabilities:

Two-Shot Overmolding

  • Two materials are molded within the same mold
  • Determine best gate locations for balanced filling
  • Evaluate temperature influence of 2nd shot on 1st shot (re-melt)
  • Predict shrink/warp of both shots together

Insert Overmolding

  • One material molded over another solid
  • Insert can be metal or plastic
  • Evaluate influence of overmold material on the temperature of the insert
  • Predict shrink/warp of overmold interacting with insert

Regardless of the complexity of your part design, we have the necessary experience to identify and solve the most challenging molding problems.